HyperQuant Team


Pavel Pavchenko CEO

Pavel has a successful trading career for over 14 years.
He has worked in investment companies as an independent algorithm trader, managed a large hedge fund, and even has taken part in the creation of the second largest stock exchange in Russia. He has been researching blockchain technologies since 2014.

Realizing the potential of rapidly growing cryptocurrency market Pavel started to impletent several trully unique fintech services as a strking synthesis of established financial world and modern blockchain ecosystem. That was an inception of HyperQuant.

HyperQuant products include a huge number of developments, solutions, and algorithms, accumulated through years of practice.

Paul Rogov Managing Director

Paul has experience in various industries and business areas. He was a growth hacker in small technologic startups and managed international projects in over 70 countries for large IT corporations. He also had a digital advertising agency where he helped a lot of promising endeavors and businesses to succeed.

Here at HyperQuant he strives to make investments simple and reliable for everyone. Now using HyperQuant application in the smartphone or the laptop it is possible to constitute quickly the investment plan, and to entrust all the rest to smart automatic system. Technologies of artificial intelligence will monitor your account, estimate quantitative indices, provide risk management, diversify and rebalance your portfolio.


Andrew Plotnikov

Chief risk officer

Alex Zhadaev

Senior quantitative trader

Olga Bystrova

International lawyer

Alex Kuklin

Back-end developer

Dmitry Nazarenko

Back-end developer

Nick Popov

Market Research Analyst

Natasha Pavlova

Marketing & PR Manager


Elmar Malikov

Serial entrepreneur.

Crypto investor and professional fund raiser.

Evgeny Alekhin

Founder of 4d.studio and FlyFree.

Blockchain-evangelist and crypto investor, author of creative business concepts.

Vladislav Sudin

Head of StartON Business Accelerator