Team and Advisors

We are a strong team of hard-working professionals that are obsessed with our mission. The direction of our work is guided by the smartest industry experts. The direction of our work is guided by the smartest industry experts.


Pavel Pavchenko

Has had an extremely successful career in trading for over 14 years. Professional quant trader. Multimillion hedge-fund and family office portfolio manager. NYSE and NASDAQ trader. Created new matching and routing technologies for the second largest stock exchange in Russia — Saint-Petersburg Exchange. Blockchain developer. FOD Protocol and Quantum framework lead architect (C++, Python, .NET). Pavel brings a vast amount of developments, solutions and algorithms, that he accumulated throughout the years of practice, into HyperQuant products and services.

Paul Rogov

Managing Director
Launched projects in the #1 Russian IT company — Mail.ru Group & My.com. Former CMO in an international investment firm. Founded and sold a digital marketing agency business. Built and managed growth teams as a consultant in various industries (Finance, E-commerce, Heavy machinery, IT). Paul has been a fan of information technologies since he was a kid. The first program in Pascal was written by him, when he was just ten, and he created the first neural network for image recognition, when he was seventeen. Got a diploma in “Software design and development”.

Team Members

Dmitry Plohov

Chief Operating Officer

A top-tier product manager in the largest Russian IT-company, Dmitry is an industry veteran and an experienced executive. His product development and team coordination skills are further enhanced by his natural leadership qualities.

Alex Jadaev

Senior Quant Trader

Trading has been a crucial part of Alex’s life for the last seven years. He has extensive knowledge of Big Data and Machine Leaning accompanied by significant experience in C++ and C#.

Andrew Plotnikov

Chief Risk Officer

Andrew is a professional risk-manager. He is a certified financial market specialist in the Russian Federation, and he successfully applied his knowledge in companies like Otkritie Holding, Sberbank, and Gazprombank.

Olga Bystrova

International lawyer

Olga’s areas of law practice include Intellectual Property, virtual currencies and ICOs. She focuses on legal and SEC regulatory aspects of blockchain technology and token generation.

Alex Kuklin

Back-end developer

Alex was developing a High Load Big Data system for automation of the contextual advertising. He is experienced in programming robust Python and C# applications.

Dmitry Nazarenko

Back-end developer

Dmitry is proficient in development of complex and secure systems for banks and other entities in the financial industry. He successfully applied his skill to blockchain technologies.

Natasha Pavlova

Marketing & PR Manager

Natasha is an excellent marketing and communication manager. She is capable of both negotiating best deals and coming up with bright ideas for marketing campaigns.

Jc Crown

Senior Business Development Manager

Jc Crown is a cryptocurrency professional and blockchain expert. His experience includes working with numerous ICOs, raising tens of millions of dollars for multiple cryptocurrency projects. He also commits much of his time connecting people & communities.

Nick Popov

Data Research Analyst

Nick builds sophisticated mathematical models and easily finds consistent patterns with valuable insights in huge of datasets of various nature.

Alex Gilyazov

Brand Manager

Ph.D. in Economics. Marketing communications professional in the field of Fintech, Satcomm, Satnav, Consumer Electronics, Gamedev and IT. A keen crypto-enthusiast. Possesses extensive experience in the marketing and promotion of Initial Coin Offerings.

Semyon Snegiryov

Community Manager

A crypto-enthusiast. Specialises in the creation and cultivation of communities from scratch. An expert in the field of financial projects and PR promotion of Initial Coin Offerings. Trains staff and manages the client support department.

Advisory Board

Nikolay Volf

Has worked on Parity Ethereum Client since before the initial release. Has pioneered Rust and WebAssembly blockchain applications. The areas of particular interest include: programming, math, cryptocurrency & game theory.

Nehemia Kramer

A talented and experienced investor, an entrepreneur with a great intuition for market trends. At the same time Nehemia is a highly competent blockchain industry professional.

Anton Shalaev

A successful retail trader, a venture investor, an expert manager of MMO game projects and a diehard fan of AI technology.

Josef Muknšnábl

Josef is a long-time blockchain and crypto enthusiast. His polished skills of internal auditing, quality assurance, software development management and testing have found application in a multitude of industries.

Elmar Malikov

A serial entrepreneur. A crypto investor and a professional fundraiser.