Token Sale Details

  • Private sale

    May - June, 2018

  • Public pre-sale

    July, 2018

  • Ticker


  • Token type


  • TGE Token Price

    1 HQT = 0.00028 ETH 1 ETH = 3500 HQT

  • Fundraising Goal

    41, 143 ETH

  • Total token supply

    320 000 000 HQT

  • Available for token sale


  • Country


  • Accepting


  • Whitelist


  • KYC


  • Lock-up period

    Team - 1 year after the Token Generation Event

    Advisors - 6 months after the TGE

    Bonus - 3 months after the TGE (each months 1/3 is unlocked)

    Bonuses for institutional investors will be locked up to 6 months.

  • Unsold tokens

    Frozen for 2 years

  • Token Sale45%
  • Reserve fund30%
  • Team15%
  • Advisors & Partners9%
  • Bounty1%

Our platform economy is based on holding HQT tokens

All the platform participants: trading bot users, developers and organizations like banks and hedge-funds, need to hold tokens to get access to the platform features and services.
Reward developers for using their trading signals
Get access to effective trading bots
Provide trading signals to the marketplace
Hold HQT tokens to keep the bots running
Use powerful framework & SDK for bot development
System generates personal AI-based Financial Advisors for crypto portfolio management recommendations
System provides market data through unified vendor protocol
Automatically share trade history, while platform aggregates this data and use it to learn the AI to improve recommendations accuracy
Build robo-advising applications and services on top of the platform using its API

Total amount of tokens in hold that keeps the bots runnings:


* L - maximum bot level
* N(k) - number of k-level bots on the platform at the moment
* hold(k) - amount of tokens required to keep a single k-level bot running

Each trading bot has several levels.

Low-level license cost less. Each level has its limit of capital that the bot can manage.
The more capital you want to manage using a particular bot the more tokens you have to hold.
Each bot has a total amount of capital it can manage (on all levels) and a maximum number of it users. This mechanism protects bot owners from dimishing of trading strategy performace.

Enterprise B2B-solutions

Platforms fees and commissions may change in the future to ensure fair and optimal interaction of all the participants. Please stay subscribed to receive the latest news and updates.
Hold HQT tokens to access the software
Multiplies available liquidity and execution efficiency using smart order routing
Provides investment management and trading software for crypto hedge-funds
Provides risk-management and hedging software and algorithms for effective big order execution

Our tokens (HQT) are a basis of HyperQuant platform

Hold Tokens

To use trading bots
To gather aggregated market data

Spend Tokens

To create and modify investment plans
To build your own applications or hedge-fund software on HyperQuant platform

Earn Tokens

By sharing trading signals
By sharing data on the marketplace

Join the automatic trading revolution